Welcome to gme.one™!

Who we are

gme.one™ is one of many servers in the huge Fediverse (Zot6, Zot, DFRN, The Federation, ActivityPub, and OStatus) network. Anyone can connect to any channels by adding the appropriate WebFinger (example: @[email protected]) in their chosen platform's add/follow section. gme.one is powered by Hubzilla.

What is Hubzilla?

Hubzilla is the most powerful fediverse platform to date. It's main advantage over the majority of alternatives available is its extreme focus in providing a high-level of privacy to its users. This is especially true when compared to popular proprietary networks.

  • It is beyond microblogging (replace: Twitter; Plurk)
  • What social-networks should have been in the first place (replace: Facebook; MeWe; Ello; Myspace; Ning; Google+; Cyworld)
  • It is more than a content management system (replace: Xaraya; PostNuke)
  • Blogging is covered too (replace: b2evolution; Medium; Wordpress; Tumblr)
  • The next step in community boards/forums (replace: Simple Machines Forums; Discourse; Discuz!; Vanilla Forums; UBB.threads; Invision Power Board; vBulletin; XenForo)

Hubzilla is the new web!

The project's website is located at hubzilla.org. If you want to try a live demo (without the admin tools), you can do so at start.hubzilla.org.

About this server

  • This server is private.
  • Invites might be given to a very select few (mainly relatives and close friends).
  • The channels in this hub are all rated PG-13 (Parental Guidance, 13 years old and above) and strictly no Rated-18 materials (extremely violent; disturbing; nudity; pornography)
  • All content originating from this server, but not links and reshared content, are under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC By-SA) 4.0 International License.
  • We do not cache images from other sources.

If you want to use Hubzilla, check out the other Hubzilla-powered servers at project.hubzilla.org/pubsites.