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Top 10 Most Incredible Time Capsule Findings

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006 Anime)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女 / Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo) is a 2006 #anime film adaptation of the 1960s Japanese #scifi novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

  • The first live-action film was in 1983 with a direct live-action film sequel in 2010.
  • The first two live-action adaptations were in 1972 as a television series.
  • The third live-action TV adaptation was in 1994.
  • The second live-action film adaptation was in 1997.
  • The fourth live-action TV adaptation was in 2016.
  • There was also a TV Film in 2002 starring the members of the all-girl #Jpop group, Morning Musume.
  • The novel and adaptations has been translated and published around the world since 1980s, like La Traversée du temps in 1983 France.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time English Subtitle
by Demonic Chanel on YouTube
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Wow- so many live-action remakes in a relatively short time.

I found something weird today. There is a Friendica account added in the Superblock addon which I did not add. In addition to that, it is in all channels and accounts.

I also cannot remove the said blocked account. When clicking the trash icon, it reloads to an empty page: /superblock?f=&unblock=&sectok=LONG_HASH Also not possible to add a new block.


The account is:


!Hubzilla Support Forum
IBM's Blockchain Yellow Pages

Super Typhoon Mangkhut (Category 5)

40kph winds and where I am is only at the edge of the typhoon's 900 km diameter (inside the eye wall). 6.5 hours to go before this storm leaves the Philippines Area of Responsibility.

It's currently 05:34 in the morning as of this post. Sun wilu be rising.


Super Typhoon Mangkhut (Category 5)

And … the rains and winds are getting stronger as we get deeper into the eye wall … and there are still 7 hours to go before this typhoon exits the Philippines Area of Responsibility.

Perspective: Where I am is near the boundary of the 900-km diameter of the storm. But this being a Super Typhoon (Category 5 according to JWTC), it doesn't matter if you're at the edge of the storm… it just is too powerful.

Prayers (if you're not religious, pray to the universe) are needed for those near the eye of the storm because that's where the strongest of rains and winds are! 255 kph gust winds!
Super Typhoon Mangkhut (Category 5) is Crossing the Philippines

As of this post, the Super Typhoon Mangkhut (Category 5 according to JWTC) is currently crossing the Northern area of Luzon, the largest island in the #Philippines, for the next 10 hours. From where I live, it appears that we have entered within the typhoon's 900-km diameter or eye wall.

We'll be near the outer boundary of the eye wall and yet the rains and winds are strong! Those nearer the eye of the storm are currently experiencing 255 kph gust winds. On top of this, the typhoon is also pulling all the rains from the South-West Monsoon.

Perspective. Although the path the typhoon is taking "is less populated" as reported by some Western media, these "less populated" areas are also the main source of food of the whole 7,107 islands in the Philippines, which has more than 100 million Filipino people (not counting the foreigners).
There is a Super Typhoon / Category 5 Hurricane coming which will also pull in the South-West monsoon but the organisers of, let's hide them behind "We Are Sparta", is on a "let's wait and see" attitude.

Have they not realised that most people have to travel by land in the middle of a raging Super Typhoon / Category 5 Hurricane to reach the venue? And once there, the venue will be hit hard?

One fan was stupid enough to announce that it's sunny and hot in the venue. Ever heard of "the calm before the storm"?

These people who pretend to be Spartans doesn't respect nature nor do they understand it. The real Spartans were not dumb, in fact, they were very good at analysing things and thinking of the SAFETY of their people.

Who cares if later it turned out to be very sunny despite a Super Typhoon / Category 5 Hurricane that passed by (which only happened twice in my 30 years of life). There will still be strong winds! Even so, who cares if you can withstand such winds? Not everyone can!

Real Spartans care for their people, not spoils of war. Real Spartans are wise warriors.

If you don't respect nature, you will die sooner or later.

Wise people prioritises their safety. Fools rush forward into battle with nothing but their clothes.

Can you honestly say you are a Spartan?
Tentacles of the Deep State EXPOSED [2018] PART 1

There is an awakening happening and there are wars going on. Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Abortions, targeting Christianity/Messianic (those that preaches salvation through Yahushua/Jesus), useless eaters, One World Religion, New World Government, and so on, were mentioned in this episode.

This episode is a very good reminder to all of us because these people are doing great in distracting us, and I'm as distracted as anybody. This episode reminded me of the things I already knew since the early 90s but has forgotten thanks to their efforts to keep us all sheeple instead of roaring lions.

Tentacles of the Deep State EXPOSED [2018] PART 1
by Edge of Wonder on YouTube
QAnon: 4 Stories Mainstream Media Avoids Like the Plague

QAnon - Why it's NOT a Conspiracy Theory!


#QANON - Why it’s NOT a Conspiracy Theory!
by Edge of Wonder on YouTube
QAnon - 7 Facts the Media (MSM) won't Admit

QAnon - How the Media Controls What We Think

#QAnon #Media tactics #Journalism today

#QAnon - How the Media Controls What We Think
by Edge of Wonder on YouTube
What Koreans think about living in the Philippines

Koreans started migrating in the #Philippines in the mid-90s and today the hold the record for the largest foreigners living, migrated, studying, and working in the country, a growing number were also born and raised.

Here are their very insteresting answers to simple but intriguing questions like if it is actually dangerous here as the MEDIA narrative "reports" to the world or is it actually safe. Being the largest group, they have every right t be the one to answer that question.

Another is, how they agreed that Filipinos are happy people. Sure, some International ranking did not rank Filipinos higher in "The Happiest People in the World" and similar silly rankings, but these Koreans understood full well what happiness truly is, and it is evident in Filipinos. (Other foreigners has proven the same thing in Filipinos abroad, they're genuinely happy.)

Watch this and find out. You have no idea what you're missing if you're listening to media reports and read world rankings of this and that in weighing a Nation.

What Koreans think about living in the Philippines | EL's Planet
by EL's Planet on YouTube
Why Filipinos Are the Best Singers in the World

Robin Padilla’s Facebook account shut down for being ‘too loud’

Truth is, #Facebook got hundreds of reports so they decided to terminate his account. This is what happens when people think a network must conform to their own ideals instead of just moving on because no one asked them to read in the first place.

Keep reporting an account and eventually the server "admins" will succumb to the power of the zealot keyboard warrior mob. 🤔🤔🤔 (It works in the #Fediverse too.)

Oh, yes, "freedom of expression" and "freedom of speech" are not one's ticket to do or say whatever they want. However, when server "admins" succumb to the number of reports they are receiving, it is plain disgusting.

Apparently, in these networks, all it takes to shut down an account is to bombard the server with reports. The server will then act as judge jury, and executioner. All the while, those other accounts they must actually ban for blatant violations of their Terms are ignored because there are too few reports.

Clearly, the Internet, even the Fediverse, is being controlled by #PeoplePower or should I say, zealots, mob rule, or keyboard warriors.

* I am not defending nor do I support this actor/celebrity.

Robin Padilla's Facebook account shut down for being 'too loud'
by khallare on Inquirer Entertainment
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OK, who the hell is/was Robin Padilla?
He is a very popular and controversial celebrity/actor in the Philippines. He got involved in drugs and some crime in the late 90s (if I remember correctly), was imprisoned for a long time, then when he got clean and out, he revealed he converted to Islam, and is now very vocal in politics.

There are pro and anti Robin Padilla groups. That's how much more influential he is today as compared to before he was imprisoned (and he was already influential then). He is pro-Duterte and anti-Yellow (the "Liberal Party of the Philippines").
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My motherland, the #Philippines is currently in an uproar. The President null and voided the amnesty granted by a former President, to a now sitting Senator (who rebelled against his country when he was still active in the Philippines Navy; and then rebelled again as a Senator).

This isn't allowed under the current 1987 "Cory" Constitution. However, the current government supposedly found proof that the mandatory requirements for an amnesty was not completely met, thus, the said amnesty granted to this sitting Senator is technically non-existent, invalid, no value, no effect, never been in effect -- null and void. So, technically, the sitting President did not reverse anything! He simply made the announcement official and binding!

But there was a media coverage and interview proving that this Senator did meet the mandatory requirements to receive an amnesty back in 2011.

Clearly, someone fed false information to the President; or someone was using the President and sadly, the President fell to this person's or group's words (or maybe a trap). Because if there's evidence that the requirements for the amnesty was met, no person, President or not, will declare it null and void.

This major drama is going to split not just the Filipino people but the 3 branches of government -- Executive, Legislative (Upper House and Lower House), Judiciary. These three are supposed to be equal, acting as checks and balances for each other. However, the Judiciary is now under the President's control (only recently); and the Legislative is majorly dominated by his allies.

Here's more. The President used an Executive Order. Thus, even if the Legislative and Judiciary branches want to investigate it, it will not be easy. These two branches have to deliberate for weeks, and agree or achieve majority with all members (for example all the members of the Supreme Court; and all the members of Senate and Lower House). While the EO, being an Executive Order, is immediately in effect. It won't be easy and it will take time to put a stop to it, if that is even possible to do -- because if I remember my Constitution correctly, only another EO can stop a previous EO.

In other words… this is very confusing. With social media in play, and all parties involved have their own social media machines running (which Facebook and YouTube isn't stopping, they love it!) the minds of everyone is being shaped very easily and the emotions of everyone is being stirred to hate each other.

There are so very few of us who are "neutral", Neutral in that, we wait for the facts, for the bigger picture, for answers, before sharing out personal (and won't be heard) verdict. In fact, the ironic thing here is, those in the Neutral side (yeah, "sides") are also being attacked by the pro-Administration and anti-Administration.

Imagine that. Back in the days before social media, the pro's and anti's will try to win the neutrals to their side. Today, they unintentionally unite to destroy those who have sense and logic. We've been called pro-Admin by the anti-Admin and vice versa simply because we haven't taken sides.

Crazy world!

Oh well… I hope this doesn't blow up than it already is.

Correction made: the previous President who issued the Amnesty was not the one he is allied with today.

Update: the Judiciary branch has requested a block for this Senator from traveling abroad.

Legislative: still officially silent.
Hmm, I can't connect to @[email protected] via #Hubzilla. Hmm… Hmm…
Star Trek Star Wil Wheaton Reveals Why He Left Social Media

The "Federated Timeline Dictators" made headlines, hurting the #Fediverse as a whole in the process. Claiming "freedom" but imposing their own personal and/or server rules on other people in another server. 👿😾😠😡💢🤬

Reminder: The federated timeline is no one's personal timeline! Use your "local timeline" and "personal timeline" if you don't want to see anything you don't like! You can not impose your personal and/or server/instance rules on other people in another server/instance.

This issue has been around since #Mastodon went public last year and here it is again. This time the FTD hurt everyone connected via #ActivityPub and #OStatus. FTDs, like it or not, you don't own the ActivityPub / OStatus network.

As he explains in his new post, Wheaton hoped to find a better social media home elsewhere. He wanted someplace where he could enjoy the positive aspects of online interactions without the negative. He gave new #microblogging network Mastodon a try but was disappointed.

“I found a harsh reality that I’m still trying to process: thousands of people who don’t know me, who have never interacted with me, who internalized a series of lies about me, who were never willing to give me a chance,” Wheaton says of his brief experience with Mastodon. “I was harassed from the minute I made my account, and though I expected the ‘shut up wesley’s and ‘go f**k yourself’s to taper off after a day or so, it never did. And even though I never broke any rules on the server I joined (Mastodon is individual “instances” which is like a server, which connects to the ‘federated timeline’, which is what all the other servers are), one of its admins told me they were suspending my account, because they got 60 (!) reports overnight about my account, and they didn’t want to deal with the drama.”

“I don’t deserve to be treated so terribly by so many random people, so I’m not going to put myself in a place where I am subjected to it all day long,” he says. “Please do your best to be kind, and make an effort to make the world less terrible.”

It is worth noting Wheaton also has a history of anxiety and depression, something he has written about recently.

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He should come to D*. There aren't enough people here to constitute a mob :P
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#AmazingEarth 80% of baby turtles die because they were attracted to/confused by the city lights.